Project Management Certification

This is my first blog post on this site. Just a few weeks ago I passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam after about one year of study and support from my company. Now I am searching for ways to leverage this certification.

I manage a team of 10 software technical writers. I’d be interested in hearing from other writers about their successfully tying project management skills into technical writing and documentation strategies.

My first challenge seems to be that my company doesn’t seem to employ PM the way I think it needs to be employed within the R&D department. PM is offered as a service, which I believe is assigned to projects that our company is doing. But PM is NOT integrated into our internal projects, hence, we’ve had lots of delays and missteps that could have been avoided had proper PM been done. Again, suggestions on how to get such a movement going would be much appreciated.



One thought on “Project Management Certification

  1. Joe,

    Congrats on the PMP certfication and your first blog.

    For your daily work you already implement PM as you indicate above. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to meed your deadlines. You just don’t do this under the label “PM.”.But I know you mean PM on a larger scale and cross-departmental.

    For this, your company would need a PMO (Project Management Office). A group that brings all departments and schedules together. Do you have regular pre-release meetings with all stakeholders (development, tech writers, training, QA, integration…) involved?

    Have you thought about implementing a PM software application? MS Project would be a good start where all the departments list their deadlines and where interdependencies can be setup. If A is late, then B will be late as well.

    PM is esp. important in an agile environment.


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